BEAUTY_ Lipsticks


“I said: pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together” – Marilyn Monroe.

Lipstick, it gives every outfit a little bit more. I like lipstick a lot but I should wear it more often. My two favorite brands are MAC and KIKO, an italian brand which you can also buy now in Belgium, yes! In this blogpost I’ll show you my favorite colours and in my opinion: every girl should have these colours!

✓ Kiko_ kiss balm. 02 apricot: a peachy colour which you can use every day.
✓ Kiko_ shine stick. bright purple: my favorite lipstick at this moment!
✓ Kiko_ matt lipstick. darkpurple: a perfect colour for a night out.
✓ Kiko_ matt lipstick. red: a classic one “à Marilyn Monroe”.
✓ Kiko_ matt lipstick. nude: the perfect colour for a hot summer night.
✓ Essence_ matt lipstick. 01 coral calling: a lipstick to colour your day.
✓ MAC_ satin lipstick. media: a dark purple colour which is perfect for AW16.


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