TRAVEL_ Porto, Portugal

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Foz, Portugal


Welcome to my first travel post!
As I was telling you on my blog before, I was living in Porto for 8 months and now I’m back in town. I can’t describe why I love this city so much. It’s because of a lot of things that all come together: amazing views, sunny weather, lovely people and good vibes. The way these people in the south are living, really attracts me.

I want to share some really nice hotspots in Porto on my blog. I don’t like touristic places, where the magic is gone. Here are some places you really have to visit when you’re in Porto:

✓ Creative Urban Vintage_ this small, cute store sells vintage clothing, shoes and accessory. From my first visit, I felt in love with the jewelry and definitely with the sunglasses. And one more thing; it’s really cheap!

Cute little vintage rings.

Spirito_ I love to spend my rainy sundays in this place. They sell delicious cupcakes and hot coffee, hmm. It’s the perfect place for a cosy afternoon with the girls. And please, you have to try the cheesecake, it’s amazing!
INSTAGRAM @Spiritocupcakes _ FACEBOOK @Spirito Cupcakes & Coffee

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-23 om 13.21.37.png
Caramel Coffee and Chocolate Cupcakes, hmm.

Modì Gelateria Italiana_ you can see that I’m a typical girl who loves sweets a lot. This cute store is located in Matosinhos, next to the beach, and sells the best ice-cream I’ve ever tried. My favorite one is spagnola, vanilla ice-cream with raspberry, gingerbread and cinnamon. What do you need more?!
INSTAGRAM @Modi_gelateria _ FACEBOOK @Modì -Gelateria italiana-

Spagnola ice-cream featuring sunny weather; the perfect combination!

Interdesign interiores_ This colorfull interior company start to create furniture with their mind, wishes and aspirations. When me and my colleague entered the showroom, we couldn’t stop smiling because of the lovely colors, ornaments and prints. This is definitely a hotspot for all the people who like interior design. PS. It’s also located in the rest of Portugal and in London!
INSTAGRAM @Interdesigninteriores _ FACEBOOK @Interdesign Interiores

The cutest shop-entrance ever.
Schermafbeelding 2015-11-23 om 12.38.43
I want this canvas in my future living room!

✓ Munchie Burger Kitchen_ girls, give your diet a break, cause this place is really amazing! The best thing about this retro restaurant are the burgers based on the 7 deadly sins. Njummy!
FACEBOOK @Munchie _ TUMBLR #Munchie

My Belgian friends and me with our delicious (and unhealthy, oops) burgers.

Tango nights_ in Galeria de Paris you have the opportunity to watch a very passionate dance, yes, tango! Some nights you have free entrance to this place, so please, give it a try and enjoy.
INSTAGRAM @galeriadeparis _ FACEBOOK @galeriadeparis

Let’s get passionate!

 Scar-id Store_ this designer store located in Rua do Rosário in an old fifties grocery shop is really unique because they combine fashion, furniture and product design all together. They sell limited editions and small collections from young designers. Check out their BLOG on their website.
FACEBOOK @scar-id store _ INSTAGRAM @scar_idstore _ HTTP

The interior design from the Scar-ID store.

Taberna St. António_ If you want to give the portuguese food a try, you have to come to this place. The interior is typical portuguese and it’s located close to an amazing viewing point on the Douro. They change the menu every day, so every visit will be a surprise!
FACEBOOK @tabernastoantoniovirtudes

Porto Beaches_ sunshine, tanned skin, sandy toes, salty hair.. Do I need to say more?! Praia de Matosinhos, Leça da Palmeira and Foz are the perfect locations for a cocktail, sushi at the beach or a wonderfull sunset.

Sunset in october at Leça da Palmeira with my Polish friend.
Sunset in Matosinhos.
First day of my arrival.

Schermafbeelding 2015-10-19 om 12.41.22


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