FASHION_ #Makemeanelleeditor II


It’s time for the next assignment for the ELLE-contest. This assignment is called #OOTD, and yes, I have to take a picture of myself with my favorite outfit for FW16. Not an easy challenge, because I still have a lot of outfits in Belgium! But eventually, I’ve found a nice outfit for this autumn season. The outfit is based on one of my favorite pieces: the long dress! They are so comfortable and really easy to combine. You always look great with a long dress and even when it’s a bit colder, it still keeps you warm.

The long dress, Zara.

First I was looking for the perfect location for this #OOTD. Because I’m living in Porto and Portugal is known for the famous blue portuguese tiles, I’ve found a really nice spot close to Rua Santa Catharina. I want to thank my flatmates Maria&Marta for taking the pictures! :-)

I’ve combined my new dark blue zipper dress from Zara with my white nike air max sneakers with grey leopard print. This combination is really simple, but with good accessory like my shiny bright backpack, silver lionhead vintage ring (you can find it in my travelpost) and my silver oversized bracelet from MANGO, it looks really cool. And yes, backpacks are totally back on track!

OOTD “blue tiles”
OOTD “blue tiles”

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