FASHION_ #Makemeanelleeditor III

BonjourlesfillesBusy monday today! I finished my third assignment for the ELLE contest, so two more to go! I’m working on it :-). This assignment is similar to the first one; I had to make some kind of composition from my favorite fashionshow for SS16. This was really easy for me, because my Spanish friend David Catalan had an amazing collection in the MBFashionweek in Madrid for SS16 called “PROM“. Because I really like his style, I chose his PROM-collection for my assignment.

The thing I like to most about his collection is the fact that it’s really similar to my style. I love midi-skirts, sneakers and croptops. The combination between the leather and pleated pieces, and the colors black, white, grey and brightpink looks really awesome.

Here you can find the whole SS16 PROM-collection and the MBFashionshow in Madrid. Next pieces are my favorites:

Here you can find the result from my third assignment. Hope you see the connection!

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-23 om 12.16.17.png
Composition for the SS16 collection PROM by David Catalan, Madrid.

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