TRAVEL_ Aveiro, the Venice of Portugal

Bonjourlesfilles“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it, before it gets dark.” – John Muir

Last saturday I’ve spend my time in Aveiro, a city close to Porto, which is also known as “the Venice of Portugal“. You probably saw on my blog that I made a list with hotspots in Porto and now I was like “hey, why shouldn’t I make one from Aveiro as well?”. So I hope you’ll enjoy this blogpost and that you consider to visit Aveiro (or other cities) in Portugal.

I travelled from Porto to Aveiro by train, because it’s only one hour to the south. This city is amazing because of the unique canals with the moliceiros (also known as small barges) and the combination with the good, sunny weather really makes you feel like you’re in the smaller version of Venice.

Here is a list of my hotspots in Aveiro:

✓ Von Haff Architecture & Design_ This store offers a perfect combination between interior design and fashion. It’s really interesting to inspire yourself with new interior ideas or to try an amazing designer outfit.
INSTAGRAM @vonhaffarchitectureanddesign_ URL

Von Haff, Architecture & Fashion Design – I just love this combination!
Von Haff, Architecture & Fashion Design – The perfect chair.

✓ Forum Aveiro_ People who know me, know that I love shopping a lot, oops. In this shoppingcenter they have the typical brands like Zara and Mango, but also a small authentic market in the middle. The architecture is typical dutch and the garden on top of the roof is really special.
FACEBOOK @Forumaveiro_ URL

Forum Aveiro – Panorama

✓ Moliceiro_ As I told you before, you have to take a trip through the city by the small, little boats. You have a nice view on the city and it’s perfect to do with your ‘mister lover lover‘! And by the way, I had an amazing guide who was singing and dancing on portuguese music ;-)


My view on a moliceiro: sunshine, blue water and palmtrees.
The amazing guide

 The brigde of love_ Close to Forum Aveiro you have a small bridge with the typical lovemarks from couples, who are wishing that their love will last forever. They use colored ribbons so the effect on the bridge is really nice.

It takes both sides to build a bridge.

Azulejos_ You can find the typical blue Portuguese tiles everywhere; on houses, stores and public buildings. For me, the tiles give an extra touch to the city and the rest of the country. I really love the authentic architecture of this city!

Igreja de Vera Cruz, Aveiro
Architectura, Aveiro

12204979_10156292822565201_889509170_nFachada Oeste da antiga estação, Aveiro

Have a nice sunday! I woke up early for some sundaymorning surfingI hope the waves will be good :)) 




Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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