FASHION_ Autumn’15

BonjourlesfillesThe weather in Porto was really amazing this weekend; it was still around 22 degrees and really sunny! But today it’s really cloudy, so I’ve checked the weather for the next weeks and (ofcourse) it will get colder.. Welcome autumn!

The most important question when seasons are changing is the next one: “What should I wear this season?” I’ve made an answer on this question. Enjoy!

Black Heels, H&M

Black heels are coming back every season, so you can actually count them to your must have basics. They are really easy to combine, even with a long dress. If you find them uncomfortable, buy a pair with bigger heels and a platform, to be more comfy ánd to look taller as well, yeey!

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-19 om 22.59.50
Two tone fedora hat, Stradivarius

For every head a hat“, a quote used by a lot of fashiondesigners, and damn.. they’re right! Hats are really everywhere these days. You have a lot of different colours and sizes, so try to find the perfect one. Because I have darkbrown hair, a black hat doesn’t suit me that well. This hat from Stradivarius is way better with my dark hair!

Grey sweaterdress, Zara

The combination between a sweater and a dress? Yes, the sweaterdress! Stylish, cosy and warm. Do I have to say more?!

Boyfriendblazer, Mango

The boyfriendblazer is longer and wider than the normal classic blazer. I like the combination with destroyed jeans and pointy high heels. It’s really hard to find the perfect black blazer, but it’s worth looking for!

Schermafbeelding 2015-12-24 om 16.13.53
Poncho, Tom Tailor by Zalando

The poncho is the perfect piece for the autumn season. You can wear it on top of a longsleeve shirt or a thin coat, combining with skinny jeans. Just give it a try!

Hope you girls enjoyed this blogpost! See ya! 


PS. Did you already checked out my beautypost about hair?

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