TRAVEL_ Coimbra, Portugal


Last thursday my colleague Laura and me went to Coimbra to explore this city and to see the interior design biennale. For the people who are not known with this event; it’s an exhibition with art, cinema, architecture and interior design, organised twice a year in Coimbra, but also in other cities all over the world, like Kortrijk (Belgium) or Venice (Italy). We wanted to combine this cultural event with some sightseeing, shopping and tasting good food (and alcohol, oops!).

Coimbra is a smaller city located in the west-side of Portugal, between Porto and Lisbon. In the middle of this city, you have the Mondego river, which reminds me a lot of the geography in Porto. The roman architecture is really impressive, like the location from the velha universidade (old university). You can see the result from this short trip on the pictures. Enjoy!

Coimbra and the Rio Mondego. The river seperates the city in two parts, which is similar to Porto.
Sightseeing with this beautiful weather.

View on the Mondego river and the Ponte de Santa Clara.
Typical architecture of Portugal: colorful tiles and roman influences.
Velha universidade (old university) in roman style. Who wouldn’t like to study here?!
Terrace in old roman architecture. It wasn’t possible to enter this place, but I guess the view is really amazing!
Agencia do Banco, Coimbra.
Ginjinha, a portuguese liqueur made of ginja berries, which is served in a chocolate shot with a cherry at the bottom. Delicious!
One of the shopping streets in Coimbra.
Enjoying the view and the beautiful weather. Coimbra kalidade!

Want to know more about this outdoor event? Click here!
Want to know more about Porto or Aveiro, two other amazing cities in Portugal? Check them out on my blog.

PS. Go and check Laura’s “works by L.” on facebook, it’s worth seeing!



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