INTERIOR_ EXD’15, Matosinhos

Some weeks ago I’ve told you about the project I’m working on in Porto, which we are still finishing. In the mean time I’ve worked as a volunteer on an exhibition which is called “EXD’15/Desejo, Tensão, Transição – Percursos do Design Português“. This means desire, tension and transition from portuguese design and is organised by Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos, EXD’15 and ESAD IDEA, which is part from my previous university.

The exhibition offers a unique perspective of the Portuguese design, contemporary production in several areas and the relationship between temporality and history. It reflects the design as Portuguese territory through 16 exhibition modules with its own curators. The EXD’15 under the theme “The far as the mind can see“, focuses on the individual and his capacity for abstraction and invention: see what isn’t formalized yet, draw so it can be done and create something entirely new.

If you’re really interested in interior design, product design and graphic design, than you can put this exhibition on the travellist in Porto! :))

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The exhibition is open untill the 12th of march 2016 in Galeria Nave, in Matosinhos. The entrance is for free! You can find the event on Facebook.


Portugal Fashionweek ’15, BLOOM silhouettes at ESAD Matosinhos.

Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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