FASHION_ My week in outfits ‘dec15

My first week in outfits from december ’15. Because I’m currently living in Porto and I don’t have a lot of clothes here, I have a lot of basic things to combine with each other. This week I’ve combined 3 pieces; the grey sweater, a LBD or LBS and overknee boots. Enjoy!

Knitty friday.

Girly monday. I’m wearing a black high waisted pleated skirt from Zara combined with a grey cropped sweater from Mango. My black heeled boots are from H&M. The hat gives the outfit the extra touch. – Bow Tie tuesday. I made my own bow tie combined with a white shirt. I’m wearing high waisted jeans and black overknee boots; perfect combo to go to the office. – Dressy wednesday. Black boots, leather jacket and a midi dress, what do you need more? – Black&Gold thursday.  I’m totally in love with my black overknee boots. I’ve combined these with a LBD and gold jellewry.. ready to go out for dinner! – Knitty friday. The bernadette vest: my favorite piece this winter.

Which outfit do you prefer? Only 1 day and it’s … weekend! Enjoy!



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