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Bonjour les filles

Since I’m spending my holidays in Belgium, I made some outfitpictures from partyoutfits for christmas and newyearseve’16. Which outfits are your favorite? But first.. Let’s start with two pieces which you can combine with a lot of outfits, definitely for the holidays. The faux fur cropped black jacket makes every outfit a little bit more special and chique. You can buy this kind of jackets in a lot of stores, like H&M or Primark. The faux fur oversized clutch is perfect for special occasions, like newyearseve! Glamour all the way! 

Little-black-dress is always a good idea_ Every girl needs at least one LBD in her closet. Mine is from Zara and it’s a bit more special because of the see-through arms. Black is always back! I’m wearing black heeled boots for a more casual outfit, but you can also wear sparkling pumps to go out and party!

Little-black-dress is always a good idea.

Let’s sparkle together. I’m wearing my midi skirt from Amsterdam, all covered by colourfull sequins. The top is a lace black body, also perfect to combine with other skirts.

Let’s sparkle together.

All basics together. A basic outfit which can be worn for a party as well: a black long boyfriend blazer, black cropped top, destroyed skinny jeans and black heeled boots.

All basics together.

Classy all the way. In this outfit there are 2 important things: first you need a long black dress, with or without a cut, with the perfect fit and the second thing are the accessory; classy pumps, statement necklace and an oversized clutch and you’re reading to go!

Classy all the way.

Always good in a jumpsuit. This kaki jumpsuit looks casual in the front, but on both sides you can see the deep cut, which makes it really authentic. It’s all about the details, baby!

Always good in a jumpsuit.
Always good in a jumpsuit.

Have an amazing newyearseve, dance the night away and see you in 2016! VAMOS!


PS. I told you before about my friend David Catalan. He is going to design an amazing skirt for me which I will combine with the black lace body from the sparkle-outfit. You’ll see the result soon on the blog! Another skirt which I can combine with this piece is coming my way… What do you think about this combination? :))

Metallic Pleated Side Split Maxi Skirt, ASOS




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