BONJOUR_ Holidaygifts

Bonjour les filles
I hope you all had an AMAZING newyears’eve and that all your dreams will come true in 2016! :)) After these busy days, I’m back with a new blogpost. Do you remember the post I’ve wrote about my personal christmas wishlist? Well, since christmas and my birthday passed by, I’ll show you what I’ve got this year. Check it out!

Watch Winston Monte Carlo Pony (Komono) Lovely gift from my parents_  Perfume Coco Chanel (Chanel) I just love chanel and I love my sweety_  Fashionagenda 2016 by Karl & Little Black Book (Modemusthaves) Great gift from the best girls (and best male friend ;-)) in the world!_ Grey sweater Belgique Belchique (O’Rèn Official) Best birthday gift everrrrr_ Lightpink Beanie (Esprit) For the cold winterdays which are coming_ Cava Rosé (Oro de Uva Rosé) Always good for a night with the girls!

What did you get underneath the christmas tree? 



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