INTERIOR_ Trends 2016

Bonjour les filles
As I promised in my throwback to 2015, I want to write more about interior design. Today I’ll show you some interiortrends for the upcoming year 2016. Check them out!

Colour(s) of the year 2016.
Every year Pantone is coming up with the colour of the year. For 2016 they’ve chosen not only one colour , but two colours named rose quartz and serenity, a lightblue colour. This year the hues are about more than just the colour only; it’s about gender equality. But, this means that pastelcolours are still hot in 2016!

Bring the nature inside.
When you add plants, flowers and natural materials like cork and wood to your interior, you’re going back to nature and it will give a sense of peace to your space. In 2016 you’ll see a lot of different shades of green as well.

Scandinavian design.
We are already known with the concept of scandinavian design, so in 2016 you’re still good to go with this style of open spaces, white furniture, marble and wood, soft materials, plants and accessories made of thin steel.

Soft and cosy materials.
This trend is one of my favorites! Who doesn’t like to sleep in a bed with 10 soft pillows, a cosy thick bedsheet and a (fake!) animal skin? This year modern tapestries are also back on track.

Geometry first.
Geometrical forms and patterns will define our interior as well this year.
The geometrical shapes consider triangles, diamonds and chevrons and are really cool, definitely in accessories like wallpaper, pillows and canvas.

Copper stays.
Last year we saw a lot of decoration in copper and in 2016 you can leave the decoration just where it is right now! We already know the rosé copper, but this year there’s a new colour coming, copper gold! Another thing that’s new in this year: metallic wallpaper.

Which trend is your favorite? Do you know more trends for 2016?

With love,
PS. Coming up next: fashion and beauty trends 2016! I’ll keep you posted!


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