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Remember my previous blogpost about interior trends for 2016? Now it’s up to fashion to see what we can expect next spring! Which colours will we wear next season? Which patterns will be hot? Do we choose the traditional materials like denim or are we into something new? Check it out!

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Orange is the new black_ Next spring it will be time for 50shades of orange! Orange and every shade of it will be all over the streets, to bright up the days.

Romantic Rouches_ This ladylike attitude is definitely one of my favorite trends ever. Romantic picnic in the parc? Check! Romantic candle-light dinner? Double-check!

Bedroom streetstyle_ Next season we will take the boudoir look on the street. Not so obvious, if you ask me, and you need a lot of guts to follow this trend. But don’t worry, the designers will make sure that these dresses will be easy wearable.

Keep on sparkling_ YEAH! We can keep on sprakling next season! And if you want to be totally fabulous, than give the silver sprakle a try.

Streetstyle_ This one isn’t new but it’s still a big YES. Take out your fancy sneakers, cut out your boyfriends’ jeans and wear bombers all the way.

Don’t mesh with me_ Mesh isn’t used anymore by only the fisherman, it will be in our closet soon. It you want to be more minimalistic, keep up with black or white. Oh, and by the way, if you’re not into the mesh-thing, you can keep it with lace. Lace isn’t new but it’s still on the go next season and I’m really happy about that!

From the shoulder_ The cold-shoulder or the cut-out shoulder (watch out, this isn’t the same thing) will obligate us to keep on training our shoulders. Dresses, sweaters, shirts,.. watch out for the shoulders!

The new white shirt_ Every season the white shirt is back but in another version. Last season we saw a lot of white shirts with black bows, next season we will go all the way!  You’ll walk around with your shirt turned around or with the cutted white shirt from your boyfriend (poor guy, we’re stealing everything from him..).

Latino-Latino_ Fashion will get HOT next season. In the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 (haven’t seen it yet? shame on you and click on the link!) we already saw the spanish influences. With this fashiontrend you can just grab a sangria and dance the flamenco without being ashamed.

Denim_ Is there still an explanation needed for this? We see denim in every kind of form or shade, and if you check the pictures below, than you’ll definitely understand what I’m saying ;-)

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What are you going to wear next season? Do you know more trends for this spring?
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