BEAUTY_ Review: too faced, cocoa contour

Bonjour les filles

Today I’m writing my first beauty review about the cocoa contour make-up palette from too faced. I’ve bought this product last week and I must say that I’m very excited about it!

Cocoa countour make-up palette by Too Faced.

First, let’s start with the most essential. The palette has 4 different shades: light cocoa (matte highlighter), pop of light (luminous powder) and medium cocoa & dark cocoa (essential sculpting shades). There’s a contour Buki Brush inside, to create the most professional sculpting effect. The powders blend seamlessly and indulge you with the sweet aroma of chocolate.

Cocoa contour make-up palette by Too Faced.
From left to right: Pop of light – Dark cocoa – Light cocoa – medium cocoa

With this product you can create 3 different kind of looks. You get these examples with your kit, so it’s really easy to use:

The first one is instant cheekbones_ this look is more for during the day. You only need the medium cocoa, to create a subtile shade, and the light cocoa, to use as a highlighter.

Instant Cheekbones by Too Faced.

The second is is skinny sculpt_ I’ve tried this one already and it’s to perfect one to go out. You need the dark cocoa, to create a sculpting shades, the light cocoa, as a highlighter, and the pop of light for the finishing touch.

Skinny sculpt by Too Faced.

The third and last one is the celebrity contour_ If you want to look flawless like the Kardashians, than you really have to try this look. Your using the 4 different shades for an instant glamour look.

Celebrity Contour by Too Faced.

Here I tried the skinny sculpt look. What do you think about it?

The skinny sculpt look.
The skinny sculpt look. (I was still tired that morning, oops)

You can buy the cocoa contour make-up palette here. If you can use a contouring kit, than go for this one! There’s also a how-to-video in the link, so check it out!

What do you think about this product? Are you using it as well?



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