LIFESTYLE_ Men trends 2016

Bonjour les filles

This is one of my first blogposts on demand! After my posts about the woman fashion trends 2016, there were some guys who came to me and said “Hey, what about us?!”. So, it’s time to show you guys the man trends for 2016, from fashion to beauty and lifestyle. 


Picture by Il Giornale. 

>>> Fashion.
If we have to describe the spring season for the guys in one word, we can use the word “relaxed”. The outfits are sporty, comfortable and oversized. The turtle neck isn’t only hot for the ladies, also the guys can keep themselves warm these months. You can mix and match materials like velvet with leather, suede and denim or other materials. The words “suit up” got a new dimension. This season you can wear any colour you want; printed, flowers or red, everything is possible. Navy ink, the deepblue colour, is also a good option. We see a lot of patchwork, bomberjackets and streetstyle.

>>> Beauty&Lifestyle.
Men beards, men buns and men braids: everything is possible. The hipster trend with slicked back hair is also on it’s way. This season it’s all about the natural look. It’s not a shame anymore that guys need to take care of their body as well, so keep it like that, boys!

Apart from the female fashion trends, I also wrote on my blog about the woman beauty trends 2016 and the interior trends 2016. Check them out as well!

And.. I’ve got another blogpost on demand! So excited! Coming soon! 


Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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