Bonjour les filles
YES, finally it’s weekend again. I hope you had a nice fridaynight! If you’re bored in the weekends and you want to decorate your house, than I have the perfect solution for you: Do-it-yourself! Underneath you can find some inspiration and the things you need to make these DIY creations. Good luck!

DIY Picture wall_ (source)
You need:
-some nails and a hammer
-a colourful cord (for example: matching with your sofa or pillows)
-polaroid pictures (you can print them on polaroid paper)

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-12 om 17.08.53.png
DIY Picture Wall

DIY Romantic desk_ (source)
-white paint
-paint brush
-template, wall sticker or a very creative person to draw the desk
-white board

DIY Romantic desk

DIY Neon light_ (source)
-some nails and a hammer
-neon light
> alternatives for hello: love, home, somebody’s name,..

DIY Neon Light

DIY Pimped door_ (source)

DIY Pimped door

DIY Copper leaves_ (source)
-Copper spray / paint
-a beige cord
> alternatives for leaves: corks, branches, ..

DIY Copper Leaves

DIY Branch shelf_ (source)
-frame from wood (IKEA!)
-natural wood
-drilling machine
-some nails
-darkgrey paint (or another colour)

DIY Branch Shelf

Want to see more ideas? Check out pinterest for more inspiration. Which one is your favorite?





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