BRANDALERT_ Steve Madden

Bonjour les fillesOn this sunny wednesday morning I was walking around the city when I passed by the shoppingstreets. When I arrived at Steve Madden, I saw that they have an amazing discount: 50% on everything! For this reason I’m writing this blogpost, to show you my favorite items from Steve Madden. I have studdes black boots and one pair of heels from Steve Madden, and I really like the brand. Have a look! 

The next items are definitely on my wishlist.

RHYMER_ baby blue heel sandal.                (from 100eu > 50eu)

PROTO_ black croco pump.                                (from 100eu > 50eu)
GAYLLE_ pointed toe leopard pump            (from 110eu > 55eu)

Here’s a compilation of other shoes. You can find the products easily, because of the named items.

And last but not least: beautiful accessory!

Want to see more? Check their website or facebookpage.



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