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Now that I’m working in the city centre of Maastricht, I want to show you some hotspots in this city. If you’re in for good food, shopping and nightlife; go visit Maastricht.

>>> Coffeelovers (Dominicanenkerk)
This coffeebar is located in the old church Dominicanen, which has been renovated into an amazing bookshop. The atmosphere makes the taste of your coffee even better. They also serve really delicious snacks.
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Schermafbeelding 2016-03-01 om 13.59.46.png
Coffeelovers Maastricht.

>>> Fresh (Ezelmarkt 15)
This place is definitely one of my favorites in Maastricht. They serve really cheap cocktails and burgers in a loungy atmosphere, because they are focused on the (international) students in the city.
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Fresh Maastricht.

>>> Café zondag (Wijckerbrugstraat 42)
The interior in this bar is a mix between vintage and industrial elements. They have once in a while live-music and in the weekends you can even go out in here. Definitely a place to visit!
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Café Zondag Maastricht. (

>>> Tokyoto (Kesselskade 62)
This is the perfect place for sushilovers like me! There’s even the opportunity for an all-you-can-eat-menu. Every week they have new offers to try, so check their facebookpage once in a while.
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Tokyoto Maastricht.

I’ve talked on the blog about Scotch&Soda (Spilstraat 25) and Steve Madden (Grote Staat 18) before, but there are more interesting shops where you can find the perfect pieces. Let’s have a look!

My latest new purchase_ Lightblue summerheels from Steve Madden.

>>> Stylesuite (Rechtstraat 63a)
This boutique sells famous brands from Alexander Wang untill Moschino and Kenzo. The store is located in the district Wijck, where you can find really cool stores and cute coffeebars.
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Stylesuite Maastricht.

>>> Stokstraatkwartier (Stokstraat)
Also known as the stylish heart of Maastricht. The street is a small street with high fashion stores and famous brands, like Liu Jo, Kiki Niesten and Nikkie brand store.
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Stokstraat Maastricht. (

>>> Traders Pop (Heggenstraat 16)
This vintage store sells secondhand clothes, shoes and bags. They also have authentic LP’s and books. A really interesting place for creative people!
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Traders Pop Maastricht.

>>> Platielstraat
There’s always a great ambiance in this street! You must visit the bars de Twee HeerenCafé van Bommel or Café Cliniq to have a great night out.

Platielstraat Maastricht. (

>>> Il Cavo (Sint Amorsplein 3)
My favorite basement to go out, haha! They organise good house, techno and electronic parties in a great environment.
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Il Cavo Maastricht.

>>> Take five (Bredestraat 14)
This student café is a typical trendy spot to hang out. They even offer international lunches during the day for a good price.
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Take five Maastricht. (

Have you even been to Maastricht? Which places are your favorites?



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    • Ja het was vroeger de kiwi en het concept is gelukkig hetzelfde gebleven ;-) Steve Madden is wel gesloten telkens als ik erlangs loop.. was da bij u ook zo? Superraar :(


    • Idd! Of sashimi, hmmm! :-))) OHJA Beez vind ik ook ene hele leuke! ik denk dat Maastricht heel veel te bieden heeft :D het is moeilijk om een selectie te maken haha! Hoe vlot het bloggen nog? :) X

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