BONJOUR_ De song tag

Bonjour les filles
This is the first time that I received an invitation from a TAG-blogpost, invented by Celine. Another blogster has nominated me for this challenge, so thank you very much, Salina!

This tag-blogpost is about one of my favorite subjects, MUSIC! Salina gave me 5 songs and I have to choose from every song my favorite sentence, and I have to tell why. Let’s have a look at the results!

SONG 1. Demi Lovato – Stone Cold
Give me the truth, me and my heart, we’ll make it through.” >>> I love this sentence, because I think that honesty is one of the most important things in life. Without it, life is worth nothing.
SONG 2. Rihanna – Stupid in Love
When they see me. I’m yellin’ to my phone. They’re telling me let go. He is not the one.” >>> This is something that happens to every girl in life; meeting a badboy. But after all, it’s a good thing to learn from these mistakes. And.. a badboy will never cross your heart anymore!

SONG 3. MORTEN ft. Frida Sundemo – Beautiful Heartbeat
I breathe your air, you’re in my lungs.” >>> Love can be so wonderfull that it’s even heard to breathe. The feeling of love is definitely one of the best things in the world!

SONG 4. Atmozfears ft. David Spekter – Release
I can see a light on the horizon.” >>> Getting up after a hard period gives you a lot of energy to fight for everything. There will be sunshine after rain!

SONG 5. 2Pac – Dear Mama
A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it.” >>> I think it’s really hard to be a single mom and we really have to respect them, cause raising a child isn’t an easy thing, and definitely not when you’re alone.

♪ Femke from sparkles of makeup
♪ Axelle from justjaxelle
♪ Mariska from ecesoleil
♪ Caro from carosbeautyworld
♪ Claudia from vintagirie

♪ Rihanna ft. Drake – Work
♪ Fleur East – Sax
♪ Rochelle – All night long
♪ Willy William – Ego
♪ Jack Ü – Take u there

♪ Tag CELINEMIENE, the inventor
♪ Thank the one who nominated you
♪ Choose for every song one sentence which you like and don’t forget to tell why
♪ Choose 5 songs yourself
♪ Nominate 5 others and tell them



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