INTERIOR_ Decorate your erasmusroom – post on demand.

bonjour-les-fillesWednesdayevening and time for another blogpost on demand. This time I was in contact with the owner of The Erasmus Bible, because I was currently living in Portugal. He asked me to write a regular blogpost about my own personal tips and tricks to decorate your new room or house on Erasmus, because it’s just a temporarily home and you don’t want to spend too much money (or: you want to save more money for parties!). So, I’ll give you some cheap but creative tips and tricks to decorate your second home. Let’s have a look!

The first thing I did when I entered both rooms on Erasmus was changing the furniture. Small furniture like a desk, a chair, a little table or a wardrobe are easy to move and you can create the room as you prefer. But beware; some landlords don’t like the fact that their students change the furniture, so be carefull!


_It’s all about the PICTURES.
Pictures from your hometown, friends and family, or some pictures from your Erasmuslife (after some weeks), will give a personal touch to your interior. Select some pictures and go to a copy center close to your house and you’re done! You can put the pictures in a nice form, like for example a heart, or you can use colourful tape to confirm the pictures. You can also use a small cord and self-painted clothespins, or hooks to be more original.


It’s all about the PICTURES.


_Give your CLOTHES a second dimension.
YES, you can use your prettiest clothes, bags, jewelry and shoes to decorate your room as well. If you have a plain wall, you can use a hook and your favorite summerdress to brighten up the space. And if you don’t have a colourfull piece, you have a reason to go shopping! ;-) An open clothing rack is also a good idea to show your favorite and most colourful pieces. 

Give your CLOTHES a second dimension.

_Explore SECONDHAND stores.
In secondhand, antique or local stores you can find real treasures for a small price. With a little bit of painting you can be really creative. A small side table, a chair, a mirror or a picture frame, you can find really cool stuff for sure!


Explore SECONDHAND stores.

_The little things in life: ACCESSORIES.
They are cheap, small, but really important to create a nice atmosphere in a room: accessories. You can buy a vase with some flowers in it (I’ve used fake flowers in my room, really handy!), printed pillows, soft blankets, a calendar, candles, perfume bottles, little carpets, books, picture frames,.. Or you can also do-it-yourself! Check out some nice examples in this blogpost.


The little things in life: ACCESSORIES.
The little things in life: DIY ACCESSORIES.


The little things in life: DIY ACCESSORIES.
The little things in life: DIY ACCESSORIES.
The little things in life: DIY ACCESSORIES.
Schermafbeelding 2016-03-29 om 20.00.35.png
The little things in life: DIY ACCESSORIES.
The little things in life: DIY ACCESSORIES.

I hope you can use my tips and tricks to decorate your new place! Which one do you prefer? Did you use one of these tips before? And last but not least, here is a picture of my own room on Erasmus. I’ve used the tips and tricks to create my own second home, so check out the result.

My Erasmus room, my second home.



Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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