FASHION_ Springoutfits part II

bonjour-les-fillesToday it’s time for another springoutfit. The weather was really good again, so I had a perfect day off! I want to start this blogpost with a portuguese quote: ser fashion é ser você. This means that being fashionable, is just to be yourself. Don’t just copy others, but be faithfull to yourself. Let’s have a look at today’s sunny outfit! 

Sunny Sight Up.
Today’s items.

PS. You know how girls are; should I buy the shoes or not? I saw a nice pair of shoes, but I want to know your opinion. So YES OR NO? Leave a message!


5 gedachtes over “FASHION_ Springoutfits part II

    • Armband is van de H&M! Draag m echt superveel, past bij alles haha :-) Oke, fijn om uw mening te horen haha! Dat heb ik graag! want tis een twijfelgeval, mr ik vind ze echt supermooi onder een maxi-rok :D dus nog ff een dilemma! X


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