INTERIOR_ Cooperation with SPAAS


Today it’s time for another interior blogpost. As you can see, the weather is changing all the time. But, don’t worry, I’ll try to light up your life because of a cooperation with SPAAS candles!
SPAAS is a company located in Belgium and they are selling all types of candles: indoor, outdoor, diffusors, scent and many more. The design is really on point and that’s why I’m writing this post. I want to thank Spaas, and more specifically Chana, for their trust! Let’s take a look at their new springsummer16 collection . 

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-17 om 20.09.56
Some lovely candles from the SPAAS SPRING SUMMER collection.


The purple CLEARLIGHT cups, with the scent from wild orchid, smell really amazing, hmm! The cups are translucent, to create more light and atmosphere. You can replace your boring white ones for these lovely purple cups.

This scented candle is perfect as a “thank you” gift, cause everybody loves them. This purple one has the smell from soft lavender, called Violet Fields. Bring the nature inside!
These CLEARLIGHT cups are similar to the purple ones, except the smell and the colour ofcourse. These blue ones have the smell from Green Lagoon. SPAAS has created a candleholder in glass, specially for the clearlight collection. I love the shape!
Ravishing Roses, the perfect smell for a romantic soul. Not only the smell but also the design (and the pink colour!) is really nice in every kind of interior.
This unscented candle is perfect to create an intimate atmosphere, because of the wooden cover. There are different kind of colours to bright up your interior.
These outdoor candles have different types of coloured glass, which gives a nice atmosphere to your garden or terrace. Blue, orange, green or pink, which one would you choose?
These candles are also perfect to use outdoor. They are bigger and lower than the previous ones. If you would combine them all together, you can play with the composition.
These are the glass wick coloured outdoor candles in green and violet. 
How pretty are these ones?! The outdoor fantasy glass is perfect for a gardenparty. There are 4 different kind of colours and I’m showing you the mystic blue and the happy pink.
These outdoor candles are pastelcoloured and transculent. They are a bit smaller, so perfect to use on your gardentable and to make the place more colourfull.
The Rustic Pillar, here in light pink, is perfect to use indoor or outdoor. It’s a quite big one, 10 out of 10cm, so you will have the perfect eye-catcher for sure. One of my favorites!
And ofcourse, there’s no garden without the terracotta conical royal flame. Traditional, but never out of style.

Are you interested in this brand and ready to decorate your interior, terrace and garden? You can always contact me or take a look at their website or facebookpage. And remember.. Light up your life! ;-)



Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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