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bonjour-les-fillesHappy weekend! Today it’s time for another blogpost on demand. My friend Laura asked me what she has to wear to the office, when the summer temperatures are rising. Well, I had the same problem as her before, but not anymore now! I’ll give you my tips & tricks to wear a summer-office-outfit.

Midi or maxi skirt.
A midi skirt has the perfect length to work at the office, or you can also choose a maxi-skirt. You can combine these skirts with a T-shirt and sneakers or a nice top and summerheels. Ofcourse, in summer it’s more nice to wear shorter skirts, but hey, you can still wear them afterwork, right?! ;-)

White T by Calvin Klein, yellow midi skirt and white sneakers. 

Even in summer there are days, definitely in Belgium, that’s it’s not too hot outside. On these days you can wear a light summerpants. My favorite  one is a striped one, combined with white sneakers! 

A shirtdress is the perfect dress to wear to work, because they’re not too short and the neck is just like a casual shirt. You can combine them with sandals, sneakers, summerheels or boots. You can finish your outfit with a nice statement necklace and a summerbag.

Shirtdress from LESS.

YES, you can wear shorts to work! Unfortunately, you can’t wear your favorite festival denim shorts to go to work, but there are pieces which are perfect for the office. It just depends on the fabric and the cut.

I hope I’ve helped you with my blogpost. Are my tips&tricks usefull to go to work?


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