LIFESTYLE_ Beach Please!

bonjour-les-fillesSummer is finally here, so I guess every girl is preparing herself to get summerproof! But what things do you actually need for a lazy afternoon at the beach? I’ve made a checklist with things you need to take when you would go to the beach:

✓ Sunscreen: never leave your house during summer without this! A sunburned skin never looks attractive and it can be really painfull as well. GARNIER
Bikini / swimsuit: it’s that time of the year again that you can find every type of bikini or swimsuit in any kind of colour or print. Choose the one which suits you the best and, most of all, the one which makes you feel the most comfortable. MODEMUSTHAVES
✓  Beachwear: beachwear like a kimono or a playsuit are really easy to take on and off. Make sure that your bikini suits your outfit and jewelry. IVYREVEL
Summerhat: don’t forget to protect your hair and head from the sun. A nice summerhat is the perfect solution and it even looks really good on everyone. MANGO
Sunglasses: big or small, round or pilot, black or white; you can choose! PARFOIS
Colourfull towel: A big towel is a necessary thing at the beach. If you would choose a towel in a bright colour, it’s even more easy to find it back after a swim in the ocean. H&M
Flipflops: No beach without flipflops! ACCESSORIZE
Bodyscrub: Actually it’s better to use this before you would go to the beach, because it’s more easy and better for your skin to tan. BIJENKORF
Fashionmagazines: A long day at the beach is the perfect moment to check out some inspiring fashion magazines. ELLE
Sea salt spray: salty sunkissed hair, what does a girl need more?! KMS CALIFORNIA
Inflatable swim toys: pictures where you’re floating on a big swan or a pink donut? Instagram approved! MODEMUSTHAVES
Beachbag: choose a bag which is big enough, really colourfull and easy to clean afterwards. LES SOEURS
Music and a good camera: almost everybody has a smartphone these days, so make sure that your playlist is up-to-date and that your wireless charger is ready to take more beachy pictures. MODEMUSTHAVES

And now let’s pray for beachy weather!



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