TRAVEL_ Beauty review: vitamine C booster (Brussels part V)


Have you already seen my vlog about what’s inside my goodiebag? Well, I would advice you to check it before you continue reading this blogpost ;-) 

th kopie
Today I’ll show you a beautyreview about the Vitamine C Booster Serum by Novexpert Paris, also called the beauty express illuminator. This product is a refreshingly light orange-coloured serum which transforms your skin by lifting and brightening the face. It has been expertly designed by Doctor Colletta as a vitamin cocktail treat for your skin. The result will give your face a breath-taking healthy glow.

You can apply this serum before a special event, like a party or a fashionshow, to achieve a healthy glow. You can also use it when your skin is tired and dull, after a long trip or a night out, to lightly exfoliate and immediately lift your skin. It’s also a perfect smooth base to enhance make-up, because it’s a good base against the sun! This serum is suitable for all skin types, even the ones with a sensitive skin, and you can use it everyday. 

When you want to apply this serum, you only need one drop, or a really small amount, for your entire face and neck. For the skin which requires more comfort, you should wait 5 minutes before you apply any kind of  cream. In some cases you will feel a slight pulling sensation during the application, but it’s just the result from the lifting. 

The only problem about this product can be the price; €64,95 for one bottle. But, it really helps your skin to look better, it smells amazing, it helps your skin to take care against the sun and it will take a long time before you can finish the bottle!

Are you convinced? Than go to an Ici Paris XL store and buy your vitamine C booster there. 

PS. After watching my previous vlog; which product would you like to see in a beautyreview @ bonjourbabette? :))


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