Back on track with an new shoot “white and denim”.


Wow, it has been such a long time since my last blogpost. But, I’m back on track, with new ideas and new challenges after a great summer! I’ve told you some weeks ago that I did an outfitshoot with the talented Liese from Liese Vaesen Photography, so I’ll show you the result. The concept after the shoot is “white and denim“, so let’s have a look!

My first outfit is one of my favorites this summer. I’m wearing denim shorts (by TOPSHOP) with patches and a vintage look. Perfect for the festivals! On top I’m wearing a white button up shirt with a studded collar. This outfit looks cool with a little scarf or an oldschool choker.


My second outfit is based on the destroyed denim dungarees, combined with a white  cropped top. Girls, make sure that this kind of top is in your closet right now! You can wear it with everything and it always looks good. My tight up sandals are from Mango and I finish my outfit with gold jewelry.


It’s all about the details baby. Here you see a close-up from my second outfit, combined with my hat which I’ve bought in Porto, Portugal. I’m still looking for the perfect summerhat in a babycolour!


My third outfit is actually not a real outfit; it’s just based on the special midi dress which I’m wearing. I’ve bought this dress in a vintage store in Porto and it’s so perfect for summer. It’s V-necked, off-white and has an all-over beads print.

Which outfit is your favorite? So happy to be back! 



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