FASHION_ Webshop: Elle Milla


Happy wednesday! Today I’m showing you a webshop which I’ve descovered recently. This Belgian webshop, called Elle Milla, is selling really cool fashionable items like clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. The owner started her webshop because of her blog, Elle Milla. Really nice and inspiring! She also has a selfmade collection with cute interior stuff.

I couldn’t wait to see the things I’ve ordered and I’m really happy with my new items. So, don’t wait and check them out!


You can use the Elly Black Clutch as a normal clutch or as a shoulderbag. It’s fluffy and perfect for a night out this autumn!

You can find the “Elly Black Clutch” here

I’m in love with this kaki furred bomberjacket! It’s made from different materials all combined together.

You can find the “Aviator Jacket” here

OOTD. The Aviator Jacket and the Amy Black Shoes
Black, sparkling and tight up; do I need to say more? ;-)

You can find the “Amy Black Shoes” here

I really love the combination between the “Ushi Silver Bracelet” and my black kimono watch.

You can find the “Ushi silver bracelet” here

Een bijschrift invoeren
I’ve found my perfect autumn sweater: Sophie Light Grey, knitted and oversized.

You can find the “Sophie Light Grey Sweater” here

What do you think about my new items and the webshop Elle Milla? Will you buy something? 



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