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It’s been a while but finally I’m writing again a blogpost about interior design. I think it’s because I’m working as an interior designer, that I prefer to spend my other time into fashion. But well, today I’m showing you my interior design top 5! Have a look

1/ MDF ITALIA_ Tense table in brass
The Tense table, designed by Cazzaniga, is highclass Italian design. I’m in love with this colour and it’s available in really big sizes, to spend your time with the ones you love. If you have a heart of gold, you’ll love it!

MDF ITALIA_ Tense table in brass

2/ MONSIEUR TRICOT_ Madam Cachet
Hand-made design from central Antwerp; as a Belgian interior designer I don’t even have a choice not to bring these items in the spotlights. The collection is based on Belgian knitwear, but translated into functional but really special lightning design.


3/ SPECTRUM_ Tangled
I just love this piece because it’s very versatile; it can be used as a room-divider, wall unit, bar cabinet or even as a TV stand. The fineness and transparency create an interesting interaction.


4/ COBRA ART_ Lovers touch
“Unique photoart from the neighbours”, that’s how I would describe this brand. This picture has an atmosphere where there’s a good mixture between passion and luxurious baroque style. When you look at the picture all over again, you will always discover new interesting features. A real eye-catcher in your interior!

COBRA ART_ Lovers touch

5/ MDF ITALIA_ Flow chair padded
And again; the great italian design by MDF Italia. This brand combines comfort, design and functionality in one piece; the flow chair. The padded XL cover gives this chair definitely a really cool look.

MDF ITALIA_ Flow chair padded

What do you think about these items? 

Have a nice weekend! Dance dance! 




Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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