BEAUTY_ Review: collistar nero sublime


The cold weather is back again, so it’s time for another beautyreview. This time I’ll be talking about the Collistar nero sublime black cream, thanks to Ici Paris XL.

The brand Collistar has created a revolutionary mask with a black consistency that works as an ‘activator of radiance and youth’. This product creates an instantly sublime skin, with a spectacular light effect.The active ingredients like black orchid extract, white gardenia stem cells, hydrolyzed black pearl and carnosine protect and moisturize the skin.


There are lot of benefits about this black cream:
☀ Visibly improved skin quality;
☀ Less sagging and slackening on the face and neck;
☀ Wrinkles and other signs of aging are reduced;
☀ Incredibly bright complexion and a finer, more even texture;
☀ Suitable for all ages and all skin types

How to use this cream? You need to massage the cream gently from the center of the face outwards and from the base of the neck upwards. To promote the absorption of active ingredients, finish by gently pressing the face and neck with both hands. Leave the black face mask on for 10 minutes.

This product is worth it! My skin feels really soft, more light and unstressed. The combination between this high-tech formula and the precious ingredients are really effective. You see an instant result. You pay around €36 for the mask, but this prepares your skin for autumn.

Are you going to give this mask a try?


Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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