FASHION_ Culottes

bonjour-les-fillesToday I’m talking on bonjourbabette about a special item: the culottes. The culottes is a wide pants with a loose fit, combined with cropped ankles. I think it’s a really cool item, definitely for autumn, but it’s not easy to wear or to combine it. That’s why I want to show you some nice pairs, tips and tricks and my own outfit with my striped culottes. Have a look!

Tips and tricks how to wear culottes:
x If you’re not so tall (like me) it’s better to choose a shorter pair of pants. If you’re wearing pointy heels underneath, it makes you look taller. If you’re already taller, than you can even wear flats underneath with a longer pair of culottes.

x A short, tight jacket is the best combination with this type of pants. Your upper body will look more small. A leather jacket is a perfect solution. A white blouse or a cropped white top are basic but good to combine with culottes. The most important thing is: emphasize your waist!

x To give your outfit a casual-cool look, you can combine your culottes with sneakers, like I do in my outfit underneath. A sandal or pointy heels are a good solution to keep it more classy.

x If you don’t feel too comfortable in culottes, you can wear a high-waisted type of pants or you can wear culottes in black. If you want to experiment, you can try different styles of culottes like denim, pleats, stripes, textiles or prints.

I’m wearing my striped culottes pants from Zara. They are really light and comfortable. I also have them in black. This model is highwaisted with a striped belt.
For me the perfect combination for this type of pants is a plain black cropped top and white sneakers. I always love black and white!

Would you wear this type of pants? What do you think about my outfit?



Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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