BEAUTY_ Dose of Colors

bonjour-les-fillesNew season, New beautytrends! This blogpost is about definitely one of my favorite beautybrands for the moment called Dose of Colors. This brand sells cruelty free cosmetics, made in the USA. They sell lipsticks, eyemake-up, highlights and brushes.

Today I’m talking about their lipsticks. I was looking for a good brand in matte lipsticks and that’s how I’ve found Dose of Colors. They have creamy, glossy and matte liquid lipsticks. Here I’ll show you my favorite colours:

I’ve bought 2 kinds of matte liquid lipsticks: Desert Suede and Sand. The first colour is a combination between grey and purple, perfect for a night out. It’s a darker colour, so it’s perfect for autumn and the upcoming winter. The second colour is like the perfect nude colour, for every kind of season.

Are you curious how these colours look like? Check out my pictures below! And I can tell you for use: I LOVE these lipsticks! They stay for a long time, are really matte and easy to  apply. A big yes for me!

Desert Suede & Sand. Even the boxes are really cute.
Desert Suede, matte liquid lipstick by Dose of Colors.
Desert Suede, matte liquid lipstick by Dose of Colors.
Sand “Nude”, matte liquid lipstick by Dose of Colors.

What do you think about this brand? Which colour is your favorite? 



Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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