BEAUTY_ Nutri-filler lips

bonjour-les-fillesIt’s already weekend so here I am again with another beautypost. This time I was working in collaboration with Cathy Roelandts Communication. She told me about the Nutri-Filler Lips by Laboratoirs Filorga, an innovatice nutri-plumping lip balm. We all know the Kendall Jenner lips and this product is promising you the same thing!

NUTRI-FILLER LIPS is a special, lip balm that makes your lips fuller because of the triple action:
1. Nourishing and recovering (cosmetic)
2. Fuller and smoother (medical)
3. Revitalizing and shiny (esthetic)

The best thing about this product is the fact that it has a variable texture: first it’s as soft as a lipbalm, but when it touches the lips, it’s like a liquid oil. The concentrate is applied by a gently soft-touch silicone tip. It’s now available in store for €24,90.

My conclusion? My lips are really sensitive to cold temperatures and wind. They get dry really easy. My lips are also not that full, so I can tell you that this product is perfect for me! I tried the product for the first time today and I already see a bit of difference. I hope that after some time I will see the final result. And maybe we’ll say “hello, Kendall Jenner lips” ;-).

If you need more information, leave a message. Have a happy weekend, loves! 



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