BONJOUR_ New challenge of 2017

A new year means new challenges. Today I started my challenge of 2017: don’t wait until tomorrow to follow your dreams. So, that’s why I started a new education: fashion styling @ Blush Academy & Agency.  Woehoe! Are you curious what I’ll learn during this period? Check it out here!


First part: COLOURS
1. Colour theory and the 4 seasons
2. Technique of seasons and colour combinations
3. Colour in make-up
4. Practical: colour each other
5. Practical: colour on a model
6. Playing with colour and moodboards

Second part: STYLE
7. Face, figure and camouflage techniques
8. Style, image, accessories and style icons analysis
9. Styling in fashion and fashion analysis
10. Practical: styling each other
11. Practical: styling on a model
12. Integration of colour, style and image

Third part: SPECIALIST
13. Lingerie Styling & Men styling
14. Dressing planning, personal shopping and trends
15. Career Planning, PR and portfolio building
16. Preparation for fashion shoots with guest speakers
17. The meaning of morphology
18. Final exam!

Schermafbeelding 2017-01-20 om 20.15.46.png
Want to know more about this academy? Check out the websiteinstagram or facebook. And.. keep an eye on the blog, cause I’ll make a weekly update, starting in the beginning of february!




Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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