FASHION_ Trends SS17

It’s almost time for another fashionseason, YES! Are you curious about the next SS17 trends? Well, I can already tell you that fashion takes back to the drawing board. A confident look is the most important thing, mixed with exaggerated lines, graphical prints, bright colours and a lot of metallic. Are you ready?

► Eye on the shoulders (source)
You can start to show your shoulders now. Oversized, straight, puffball, round or the off-shoulder from last year: everything is possible.

► Romantic volant (source)
Basic sweaters are going to a higher level when they’re designed with a lot of volants. This romantic look is definitely springproof!


► Urban sports (source)
Yes, it’s finally accepted to wear your gymwear in a casual, daily outfit. Tight leggings, sneakers and meshed tops are everywhere. You can even start to wear your boyfriends’ oversized sweaters.


► Graphic prints (source)
Every fashionseason we see a lot of prints. In 2017 we see a lot of arty prints and patchwork, like for example on a washed momfit jeans.

► Pleated (source)
Pleated skirt + Romantic volant sweater = the perfect springlook.

► Metallic (source)
In 2016 we already saw this trend, but no worries; you can still wear it this season! Don’t forget to focus on one metallic piece, like a skirt or boots, and to keep the rest of the oufit simple.

► 70’s influence (source)
The seventies are back! The most perfect example is the sleeveless sweater; the balanced mix between pretty and ugly. Oh, and don’t forget the flowers!

► Underwear is outerwear (source)
Not only sportswear, but also (good quality!) underwear / loungewear can lead to the perfect base of a good daily look.


Colourfull summer (source)
Within some time the sun will start shining again, so you can wear any colour you like! From flowerprints to bubblegum pink and bright yellow, or why not all together?

Which trend is your favorite?



Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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