BONJOUR_ Allround fashion stylist (class I)

bonjour-les-fillesAs I told you on the blog before, I started yesterday with my first class as a Allround Fashion Stylist at the Blush Academy&Agency. Today I can finally tell: I really liked it! The atmosphere, the look and feel from the school, my classmates, the agenda for the next semester. Everything was great!   My first class was an introduction into the theory behind colours and the 4 seasons.

You have 4 types of season colour analysis: spring, summer, winter and autumn. Are you curious which one is yours? Continue reading!

► Spring
happy and fresh colours, warm pastels


Colours: citrus yellow, turquoise blue, salmon pink, ..

► Summer
soft and grey-toned colours, baby pastels


Colours: jeans blue, old pink, baby blue, baby pink, taupe,..

► Winter
hard, pure and dark colours


Colours: black, white, red, darkgreen, bluepurple, cobalt blue,..

► Autumn
cosy and warm colours


Colours: kaki green, bordeaux red, petroleum blue, dark yellow, rust,..

And girls, don’t forget; this is just an indication of colours. Ofcourse, you can look great with other colours than the ones in the list. As long as you feel good and comfortable!





Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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