BEAUTY_ Babyliss Miracurl Pro

bonjour-les-fillesToday it’s time for another beautyreview. This time I’m talking about my new favorite beautyproduct; the Babyliss Mircacurl Pro. I was already looking for a curling iron for a long time, but last month I finally bought the perfect one for my type of hair; thick and a lot!

The new Miracurl Pro has a steam option, that creates 20% higher curl definition, 50% better curl formation and 24-hour hold. The additional heater creates a more powerful surrounded heat. This product creates curls that outlast and outshine anything you’ve ever experienced!

The 10 advantages of the Micrul Pro by Babyliss:
► Consistent
► Effortless
► Easy to use
► Fast
Interesting price
► Good quality
► Long life
► Perfect styling
► Lightweight

Now, the most important question is: how does this actually works?
1. First you can select your temperature, time and curl direction. You can create loose waves, soft swirls, defined curls and even more. I prefer the loose, beachy waves!
2. Inside this curling machine, you find a brushless motor, which provides precision control for all curly types. The motor sucks your hair into the machine. If you’re having too much hair inserted, the motor will stop automatically.
3. After that, your hair is inside the titanium curl chamber, into which you hair is gently pulled, heated and held.
4. You get a beep-signal when it’s time to release the curl.
5. Result: perfect curls! Finish it with beach- and hairspray and you’re ready to go!

Did I make you curious? I didn’t make a tutorial, because you can find plenty of them on youtube!

The result, by Babyliss Miracurl Pro. 



Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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