BONJOUR_ Allround Fashion Stylist (Class III)

bonjour-les-fillesHere I am again my loves with another post about my Allround Fashion Stylist education. Today it’s time for class number III. Do you remember my first blogpost about the 4 types of season? Well, today we continue about this subject. Let’s start with part II.9
So, as I told you before, there are 4 types of season colour analysis: spring, summer, winter and autumn. It’s not easy to say which type is yours. There are a lot of different criteria that you need to check before you can know which type is yours. It’s better to consult a Fashion Stylist to help you with this, because it’s not that easy as it looks!

Here’s a list of the extra criteria to check which type is yours, including your best colours.

► Spring
Skin: peachy
Eyes: light, warm (brown green)
Hair: goldbrown, copper



► Summer
Skin: lightpink
Eyes: light, cold (grey blue), bright white
Hair: blonde, soft colours
schermafbeelding-2017-02-17-om-19-14-34► Winter
Skin: fuchsiapink
Eyes: dark, cold (grey blue), bright white
Hair: darkbrown, platina, black

► Autumn
Skin: peachy
Eyes: dark, warm (darkbrown)
Hair: caramel, chocolate, gold

Are you curious which type is yours? Let me know!



Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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