BEAUTY_ Review: Dragon’s blood eye masks by Ici Paris XL

After a long and heavy weekend, it’s time for me to show you another beautyreview by Ici Paris XL. This time I’m talking about the Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks by Rodial. Brrr, sounds scary to you? Well, it’s isn’t at all!

How it works? The innovative gel eye masks from Rodial combine expertise in bio-cellulose technology, which acts like a second skin, and a unique dragon’s blood complex.
This hydrates and moisturises the delicate eye area immediately, with a de-puff effect. With a cooling effect, the skin under the eyes is left feeling comforted and refreshed.

The advantages?
This product is really giving you the expected result. The 10 advantages are:
►reduces redness of the skin
►reduces inflammations
►perfect to use for every skin type, definitely a sensitive or stressed skin
►guarantees protection against environmental influences
►instantly lifting
►skin looks fresher and less pale
►cools down the skin directly
►gives the texture of the skin more strength
►reduces swelling under the eyes and dark circles
►refreshes the skin

How to use it? Remove the eye mask of the plastic wrap and put the mask directly under the eyes on clean skin. You have to put the smaller part in your eye-corner. Remove the protective film. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and remove both masks. Don’t forget to use a hydrating daycream after use.


My opinion and where to find it? I love this product! After a long weekend, it really cheers me up. It not only gives you a fresh appearance, you also feel fresh on the inside. Are you interested in this product? Click on the link to the webshop of Ici Paris XL and enjoy your new beautyproduct for only €39,-!



Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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