FASHION_ What are your spring colours?

bonjour-les-fillesWOEHOE, happy sunday wednesday and it’s time for another collaboration! This time I’m working with BONOBOS, better fitting and -looking men’s wear and accessories, located in the US. They asked me how I see the colourpallette of the spring colours for the next season, for men and woman as well! Already curious? Today we will start with the LADIES. Let’s have a look.

PART I. Spring colours for woman’s wear.
You probably know that I’m studying for Allround Fashion Stylist and I’ve told you on the blog before that there are 4 types of colours, depending on the season. Well, I’ll give you a list of the perfect springcolours for this season, but ofcourse, you need to have in mind that your springcolours will depend on your type of season. Curious which season you are? No worries, I can help you, just leave a message ;-)

Probably every woman will immediately think about Barbie when they’ll hear this colour, but you don’t have to be a barbie to rock pink. And by the way, pink is the most popular colour for the next season!

Spring: bright lightpeachy
Summer: pastelpink – nude
Winter: fuchsia – brightpink
Autumn: dark warmpeachy


This colour is so easy because it’ll suit everybody. Blue is everywhere: think about blue ruched shirts, small striped dresses, darkblue trenchcoats, even denim!

Spring: bright lightblue
Summer: pastelblue
Winter: cobaltblue, deepblue, darkblue
Autumn: turquoise

It’s not a surprise that I’m in love with yellow. Just dress up your outfit with one item in yellow and it’s time to shine. This colour makes every bad day a brighter day!

Spring: soft, washed yellow
Summer: pastelyellow
Winter: brightyellow
Autumn: goldyellow

A classic one, but always a good one. Easy to combine and perfect to wear every day!

Spring: off-white
Summer: pastelwhite
Winter: pure white
Autumn: warmwhite

Keep an eye on the blog, cause PART II “Spring colours for men’s wear” is coming up soon!


Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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