BEAUTY_ Marc Inbane tanning spray

MARC INBANE is a Dutch manufacturer, specialized in designing, producing and selling luxury cosmetics. At the Blush Academy & Agency it was the first time that I met this product, and I can tell you, I love it!

After the owners missed their flight, they were waiting for the next one. In the meantime they were observing people. Soon they noticed the appearance and attitude of the departing and returning travelers. They looked tanned and healthy, which was a positive influence on their attitude. Because of their busy lifes, it’s difficult to maintain this holiday tan in a healthy way. You also have to deal with UV-rays, so from that moment MARC INBANE was born.

The advantages of this product are:
-healthy, tanned skin
-easy to use
-it doesn’t smell
-natural result
-flawless skin
-natural ingredients like Aloë Vera and Grinko
-for all skin typs
-for your whole body
-dries quickly
-no streaks
-no harmful UV-rays
-stays for 5 days
and many more!

The use of this product is really easy. Just take 2 minutes to check out the tutorial and you’re already up-to-date! You can find the link HERE.


Are you conviced? Shop online and enjoy your healthy, beautiful tan.

Have a lovely weekend!




Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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