FASHION_ What are your springcolours – part II.


Here I am with part II of one of the previous blogposts called “What are your springcolours“, in collaboration with the webshop BONOBOS. Last time I talked about woman’s wear, but today it’s time to see what the MEN need to wear this summer. Are you ready?!

PART II. Spring colours for men’s wear.
You probably know that I’m studying for Allround Fashion Stylist and I’ve told you on the blog before that there are 4 types of colours, depending on the season. Well, I’ll give you a list of the perfect springcolours for this season, but ofcourse, you need to have in mind that your springcolours will depend on your type of season. Curious which season you are? No worries, I can help you, just leave a message ;-)

My number one in men’s wear. Babyblue, denimblue, midnightblue; you can go all the way this summer! If you combine different shades of blue, you create a sophisticated look.

Bonobos men’s wear.

Spring: bright lightblue
Summer: pastelblue
Winter: cobaltblue, deepblue, darkblue
Autumn: turquoise

A classic one which will never fade away. Definitely the army green is a “one-to-have”-colour.


Bonobos men’s wear.

Spring: bright lightgreen
Summer: pastelgreen
Winter: darkgreen, bluegreen
Autumn: kaki, army

White is a really good basic one. You have different shades, like off-white or pure white. If you have a tanned skin, it’s the perfect colour to wear! So you know what you have to do this summer ;-)

Bonobos men’s wear.

Spring: off-white
Summer: pastelwhite
Winter: pure white
Autumn: warmwhite

And last but not least: burgundy. Not only this colour but also his shades are good to go, like lightpink, peach or bordeaux. And by the way, I love the combination with army green!

Bonobos men’s wear. 

Spring: lightpink, softred
Summer: pastelpink-red-purple
Winter: burgundy
Autumn: red

Don’t forget to have a look at BONOBOS

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