FASHION_ Blush Academy Allround Fashion Stylist

Today I’m telling you on the blog about my previous class at the Blush Academy. Last time we learned how to do a complete fashionstyling on a client. It’s not only about the colours, no, it’s more than that! Today I’ll show you what we review during a fashionstyling.
►Lines of the body (STEP I)
It’s really important to know the most important lines of your body, to choose the perfect cut for your clothing. Balance is really important! There are 3 types:
-round: you can wear more soft materials, like silk. 
-straight: you can wear more straight materials, like leather.
-soft/straight: you can wear both, like wool. 

►Type of figure (STEP II)
The second thing we review is your figure type. Every figure is beautiful; every figure has his advantages. It’s important to know this part because we have to focus on the better parts of the body. We also discuss the position of your waist. We have different types of figures:

►Colourtype (STEP III)
In one of my previous blogposts I talked about the colourtypes before. Check it out to know more! ;-)

Skin: peachy
Eyes: light, warm (brown green)

Hair: goldbrown, copper
Skin: lightpink
Eyes: light, cold (grey blue), bright white

Hair: blonde, soft colours
Skin: fuchsiapink
Eyes: dark, cold (grey blue), bright white
Hair: darkbrown, platina, black

Skin: peachy
Eyes: dark, warm (darkbrown)

Hair: caramel, chocolate, gold

►Type of style (STEP IV)
Style is really important. What do you want to achieve with your clothes or your style? There are 4 different types of style, resulting your colour type:
-dramatic extravagant (winter type)
-classic elegant (summer type)
-natural sporty (autumn type)
-romantic (spring type)

Are you curious about mine? Check out my moodboard on the blog!

►Face & bone structure (STEP V)
This is really important to know as well to choose the perfect hairstyle, make-up and accessories.

You can have a long or a short face, with straight or round facial features. If you’re having a long face like mine, you can wear chokers and more shorter necklaces. If your face is shorter, you can wear a long, elegant necklace. But ofcourse, this also depends from person to person. Everybody is beautiful! :-)

Also your bone structure decides which jewelry, accessories and shoes you can wear.
-small: you can wear smaller and thinner accessories.
-medium; you can wear different sizes, more in-between.
-large: you can wear bigger accessories.

And who knows.. Maybe you’ll be my next client! ;-)

Have a happy weekend,



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