BONJOUR_ New job

bonjour-les-fillesToday I’ve started my new job as a Visual Merchandiser at THE STING in Maastricht. I’ll be responsible for the interior design of this fashionstore. Today I’ll show you the 10 most important rules about visual merchandising.


#1: The concept of visual merchandising must match with the identity of the brand.

#2: It’s all about the product. The furniture and displays are part of the presentation.

#3: Think basic: a good presentation is simple and clear, without the need of more explanation and complicated tools.

#4: Think in 3D: a really important factor in visual merchandising.

#5: Do not use too many products or too many repetitions in a presentation.

2288c7639602728f5412503de59cd74d#6: Combine more cheap products with more expensive ones, to create an impulse for the customer.

#7: Color attractiveness and supporting material combinations are an important foundation of the dynamics of the presentation.

#8: The right lighting and clear price information are basic conditions for a good construction.

#9: Graphics and photography can support and verbalize the presentation.

#10: Create emotion. A good presentation, with the right product design, atmosphere and lighting, not only fits the consumer, but also creates additional sales.



Any questions? Write me at Thank you

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