FASHION_ Leopard fever

bonjour-les-fillesThere’s a new outfit on the blog: leopard fever.

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-08 om 19.38.03.png
Leopard shorts (COLOURFUL REBEL)_ Tomboy white shirt (THE MUSTHAVES)_ Black chelsea boots (ASOS)



BONJOUR_ New job

bonjour-les-fillesToday I’ve started my new job as a Visual Merchandiser at THE STING in Maastricht. I’ll be responsible for the interior design of this fashionstore. Today I’ll show you the 10 most important rules about visual merchandising. Lees verder


bonjour-les-fillesToday I’m showing you on the blog my moodboard for my study of allround fashion stylist. I had to create a moodboard, based on my personal style. Let’s have a look!

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-28 om 18.00.18.png
My moodboard.


BONJOUR_ Allround Fashion Stylist (Class III)

bonjour-les-fillesHere I am again my loves with another post about my Allround Fashion Stylist education. Today it’s time for class number III. Do you remember my first blogpost about the 4 types of season? Well, today we continue about this subject. Let’s start with part II.9
So, as I told you before, there are 4 types of season colour analysis: spring, summer, winter and autumn. It’s not easy to say which type is yours. There are a lot of different criteria that you need to check before you can know which type is yours. It’s better to consult a Fashion Stylist to help you with this, because it’s not that easy as it looks!

Here’s a list of the extra criteria to check which type is yours, including your best colours. Lees verder

BONJOUR_ Allround Fashion Stylist (Class II)


Today it’s time to show you my second class of Allround Fashion Stylist at the Blush Academy&Agency. Last time, we did a class about a good basic make-up. Make-up is really important when it comes to fashion, because it makes you feel more pretty and comfortable. It’s part of your look, so pay attention about that! ;-)  Lees verder